Manager Involvement

Sayge is a people-first, technology-enabled coaching company. We make certified coaching personal, accessible, and scalable.

Your employee is embarking on a partnership with a 1:1 professional development coach who will work with them over the next few months to address topics that your employee chooses.

Before Coaching Begins

  • Have a conversation with your employee about their development goals
    • Work with them to collaborate on at least one goal for them to focus on throughout their coaching engagement (you can give advice, feedback, and insight but ultimately the topic selection is up to the Coachee)
    • We’ve put together a resource for you with more details HERE
  • Discuss the best time of day they should dedicate to their coaching sessions 
    • They will need to dedicate ~1 hour every 2 weeks
    • We find that employees whose managers support their coaching and help them protect their time for their sessions tend to finish their sessions on time and get more out of the engagement than their peers who do not have manager support.

Throughout The Journey

  • Check in with your employee and ask how their coaching is going

  • Give your direct report time and space to experiment. Their  coach may be asking them to try on new habits and behavior changes
    • Acknowledge that learning new things and transition can be awkward
    • Communicate positive changes that you’re observing to your employee. Recognition helps to positively reinforce new habits as they are being built.

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If you have any further questions please feel free to reach out to our support team. We're here to help!

Sayge Coachee Help Portal

A collection of articles for participants to find out more about their time in the Sayge Program.