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Everyone deserves the best coaching.

We enable all companies and people to realize their full potential, by democratizing access to the best coaching.

We view Sayge as a catalyst for growth in a multitude of ways. Whether it’s through our coaching and coachees relationships, the building of infrastructure, tools, and processes for our customers, or designing a culture of growth internally, we invest all we can in growing ourselves, the business, and others. We do this by living into our values day in and day out. Together, we propel ourselves to new heights.

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Our values

People First

Put people first. Fuel achievement with integrity.


Make things happen. Redefine the possibilities.


Get curious. Connect new dots.


Build intentionally. Aim for progress not perfection.


Uplift one another. Default to clarity and kindness.

Lifelong Learners

Never stop growing. The sky’s the limit.

Our beliefs

At Sayge, our mission is to enable every individual to realize their potential. This is what drives us every day to support all people through every stage of their working lives.

We recognize and celebrate the uniqueness of each individual, and we seek to reflect this in every aspect of our work. We firmly believe — and know based on data — that a diverse, equitable, and inclusive team is a stronger team.

We strive every day to exemplify the world we want to see — a world in which everyone has access to the same opportunities, regardless of their race, color, religion, gender identity or expression, sexual orientation, age, and everything else that makes them unique.

Our commitments

As long as we do this work, we’re committed to team learning sessions once per month, covering topics that include (but are not limited to) unconscious bias, feedback, accountability, DEI, etc.

We recognize that intentionality is required in order to build a diverse team. When we’re hiring, we will deliberately broaden our outreach efforts and ensure that our job requirements are inclusive, in order to ensure diverse candidate pools and hiring practices.

We will partner with our customers to ensure that a DE&I lens is applied to all Sayge engagements.

We will review our outreach and partnership list every quarter to ensure alignment with our commitments.

We will proactively support organizations with their own diversity initiatives by tailoring engagements to meet their needs.

We will support organizations that are committed to social justice and equity, such as the ACLU, EJI, and NAACP, through charitable and philanthropic initiatives.

We pledge to continually evaluate these commitments, knowing that we won’t always get everything right, and that there will always be room for improvement.

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