Upasna Kaushik

Upasna is an emotional intelligence, mindset, and self-acceptance coach. Her niche is HUMAN and connection is one of her biggest strengths. She offers a safe space to share your fears, insecurities & all that keeps you away from living a happy, peaceful & abundant life. Upasna has helped many individuals from varied professional backgrounds in discovering many unknowns leading to self-awareness in terms of their weaknesses, strengths and untamed potential. She helps in understanding how emotions, mindset and actions impact the events of your life. Upasna enables to surface all that and empowers the ability to use this awareness for personal and professional growth. Upasna is a certified professional coach, energy leadership index master practitioner and has a Master’s in Business Administration. She is also a certified image consultant and brings significant experience of working in the HR and Learning & Development arena with various information technology corporations globally.