Polly Wain

Polly is a full-time coach with 8+ years’ consultancy practice and 17+ years’ corporate experience – in start-ups and global organizations. Her professional background spans Communications, Marketing, PR and General Management – including managing people, board experience, and business consultancy. As a coach, she specializes in career transition, communication, and leadership development – and works with those leading, managing or experiencing significant or constant change. Her coaching approach is whole person, for personal growth and professional development. Polly is a thinking partner, working with leaders across organizations. Moving between mentoring and coaching, meeting the client where they need, she offers an external perspective, and acts as a sounding board – with the ‘loving boot’ of both challenge and support! Clients often choose to work with Polly to develop their communication skills, and their awareness and understanding of themselves, of their impact on others and of the system.