Miriam Gaudelli

Founder of The Adaptive Human, executive coach, success catalyst and author of S.L.A.M. D.U.N.K. Your Way to Goal Setting, Miriam Gaudelli shares with us the power of becoming and owning our true self. In business and in life, Miriam’s constructive insight and transparency invites us to emerge from the inhibitions and insecurities that block us so that we can activate our inherent ability to succeed.

Miriam’s education includes an ACC certification with the ICF, Neurolinguistic Programming training and a master’s degree in the health field. She started her entrepreneurship journey in her twenties and now focusses on helping businesses succeed.

Her work compels her clients, readers, and community to wake up to the power of their true self by making a conscious shift away from the preconceived notion of who we ought to be to who they want to be. This shift empowers people to create the businesses, relationships, and successes they envisioned for themselves.