Masami Kanaguri

Masami is a highly motivated ICF Professional Certified Coach (PCC) with over 14 years of experience helping individuals and organizations navigate change. In his coaching career to date, he has delivered over 600 hours of coaching to leaders from emerging to executive levels around the world.
His global career began as an employee of a multinational enterprise in Europe (Denmark, Germany and Hungary) where more than 10 different nationalities were employed. Under the diversified environment, he strove to enhance employees’ competency levels to create a competitive manufacturing entity and be able to supply highly reliable products constantly in a timely manner to the European market. Leveraging his international organizational & leadership development experience, he currently conducts various coaching and consulting projects in order to expand leaders’ horizons and maximize their potentials in the current diversified society.

As his coaching style, in a friendly and relaxed atmosphere, he focuses on clarifying “natural interests and passions” that emerge from clients and support them to identify who they are now and who they really want to be. He is also an eager ZEN meditation practitioner, and he sometimes applies the methods not only to increase the mindfulness and creativity of my clients but also to allow them to manage / reduce the levels of their anxiety, fear and stress for their potential challenges.