Laura Honeycutt

Laura Honeycutt is an ICF-certified coach, trainer and speaker who works with high performers on all the things that go on in the background when nobody else is watching: like worrying about what others think of them, failure to set and maintain strong boundaries, people pleasing to the point of extreme overwork, comparing themselves unfavorably to others, ruminating over past actions or mistakes, trouble making decisions, or wondering if they’re really as good as everyone says they are.

Laura is a 25-year advertising veteran who led teams at elite agencies on Fortune 500 clients, who secretly struggled with Imposter Syndrome and the feeling of not being “good enough.” Through her own experience with coaching, she came to realize her value and strengths, and has turned them into a passion for helping clients see past all the roadblocks that keep them small, uninspired, and feeling burned out in their work and lives…so they can claim their true power and enjoy wildly successful and joyful careers and lives.