Joy Khoo

Joy works with leaders to gain more self-awareness and self-acceptance and to increase their success and confidence in leading their teams and organizations. Her passion includes helping her clients sustainably improve their well-being at work, which in turn impacts business results. Known for her compassionate, flexible and creative style, Joy empowers her clients to develop a sense of curiosity on a holistic journey of self-discovery using psychometric assessments, mindfulness, creativity, neuroscience and embodied practices. In addition to focused 1:1 sessions, Joy also works with teams to intentionally design a culture that fosters high quality connection and purpose to enhance an organization’s potential to make a positive impact. Joy was honored by Secretary Colin Powell as the Community Liaison Officer of the Year in 2003 for her outstanding leadership in managing two evacuations for the US Embassy in Indonesia. Joy had daily coaching conversations with 350 US Embassy employees and family members to guide them through difficult work and life transitions. She also co-facilitated an evacuation workshop for 30 US Ambassadors and coached them on how to be more effective leaders in times of crisis and transition. In addition, she supported five Embassy communities from the Middle East who were evacuated from their posts during the Iraq war. For over 18 years, Joy has worked with senior executives from a wide variety of sectors domestically and internationally including: the US Department of State, USAID, Microsoft, American Express, Facebook, Google and the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation.