Jacqueline Daniel-Scherz

Jacqueline left work to raise her children after a successful career working with diverse communities in the fashion industry, where she held positions including technical designer, production manager, and director of development and production. She also has a background working in IT as a business analyst and programmer.Jacqueline’s coaching business developed out of the challenges she was facing as a parent and an entrepreneur. As she started out, she didn’t have someone that she could talk to about her challenges and feeling stuck. As she progressed, Jacqueline found that she was able to offer the support she longed for to others.Her passion is to support clients in seeing their power and potential, inspiring and supporting them, and helping them create and live a life with meaning, connection and passion.As a collaborative life coach who is your strategic partner and compassionate truth-teller, Jacqueline specializes in connecting with folks from all walks of life with multicultural backgrounds, supporting them in connecting with who they are and what they want in life. Her goals are to help you navigate uncertainty, transition to a new role or position, build executive presence, incorporate mindfulness, self awareness and so much more. She does this by helping you align your values with your goals, so that you are able to make the best decisions personally and professionally for yourself.
Jacqueline has more than ten years of experience coaching executives, entrepreneurs, women, parents and people in transition.