Cathy Nyce

Cathy Nyce brings her “Front Porch” approach to leadership coaching- creating a calm, supportive space
where clients can slow the pace and reflect, as they engage in the deep work of discovering what matters
most to them personally and professionally.

When explaining the concept of “Front Porch”, Cathy shares “some of the most memorable conversations
of my life occurred on porches- many joyful, some frightening and sad, some hard to face, some bringing
huge transformations- but in all situations, I found comfort in being on the porch. I have realized that on the
porch I am able to just “be” and not “try to be” anything or anyone. This is the space I want to create for my
leadership clients- a place where leaders can be safe and be seen- where they can take the center seat on

the porch swing for a while and engage in deep, honest conversations, with the assurance that, whatever self-
discoveries the work leads to the porch and I can hold it.”

This passion for supporting and developing leaders has been a cornerstone of Cathy’s 30 year career as
a leader and an executive. She has remained dedicated to advancing leadership development as a critical
strategic initiative for organizations. She believes firmly in the demonstrable returns that companies gain from
their investment in the development of individual leaders, and, more importantly, the ripple effect throughout
the organization that follows.

Cathy’s professional roles have included Chief Marketing Officer, Marketing/Media Manager, Communications
Strategist/ speech writer and Federal Affairs Liaison/lobbyist.

Having spent much of her career as the only female in the C-suite, Cathy enjoys working with women
leaders who face the “burden of oneness’ and brings a wealth of experience and support to these sessions.
Cathy’s passion for supporting emerging leaders has driven her work with both companies and non-profit
organizations. She also enjoys assisting organizations with developing their own internal coaching and
leadership development programs.

Effective communication is a cornerstone of Cathy’s approach to coaching. She has led organizations through
communications challenges ranging from complete corporate rebrand to Board relationship building. She
has managed crisis communications situations resulting from both internal and external issues. Drawing
on this experience, she supports clients in deepening their awareness of the impact and importance of
communication in their overall leadership success.

Her project management experience in leading large-scale cross-departmental, high profile projects requiring
collaboration among operations divisions, IT and external vendors enhances her perspective in coaching
clients who are engaged in projects of any scope or scale.

Cathy holds an executive certificate in Leadership Coaching and another in Transformational Leadership, both
from Georgetown University. Her communications work has been recognized with multiple awards including
Overall Campaign of the year by the Maryland chapter of the American Marketing Association and PR Team of
the Year by the Maryland chapter of the Public Relations Society of America.

Cathy is an active mentor and coach with several organizations and facilitates the “Elect Her” workshop on
college campuses across the US. She is also an avid dog-lover, a Peloton bike rider and barre enthusiast, and
a foodie.