<strong>3 reasons to invest in your people in 2023</strong>

Investing in people image

Want to motivate your employees during uncertain times? Here are three ways L&D can help. Retaining your top talent is always critical, especially during economically trying times. As the economy and working world shift, Harvard Business Review (HBR) says employee-centered learning and training are essential to retaining your people — and research backs this up. […]

Living in a VUCA World: How to Be Agile in the Moment

Agile in the moment

This is a guest post by Sayge Coach Charlie Martin.  Prior to the arrival of the COVID-19 pandemic, there was much talk about the fact that we were living in a VUCA World. VUCA in this case meaning: Volatile Uncertain Complex Ambiguous If we were in a VUCA world before, what kind of a world […]

Discussing Mental Health at Work: How to Support Your Team

Discussing Mental Health at Work

Did you miss Sayge’s webinar on How to Support Your Team in Discussing Mental Health at Work? Don’t worry — you can watch it here. Our expert panel gave us some key takeaways — including acknowledgment of the fact that, for many of us, discussing mental health at work is still difficult. Being able to share […]

Working Parents During COVID-19: Sayge Webinar

COVID-19 has been challenging for all of us, but especially for working parents, and for people who collaborate with or manage working parents. Sayge’s webinar “Working Parents During COVID-19” provided expert advice and solutions for these unusual times.  Watch it below.  There’s also a worksheet on managing priorities to download and share.   If you’d […]

Navigating Your Way Through Change: Sayge Webinar

Navigating Your Way Through Change

Were you unable to attend our Sayge webinar on navigating your way through change? You can watch it below.   If you’d like to hear how you can unlock the potential of your employees through Sayge’s coaching platform, give us a shout.

Managing a Remote Team: Sayge Webinar

Managing a Remote Team

Did you miss our webinar on managing a remote team?  If so, you’re in luck – you can watch it here.  There’s also an exercise to do with your team that you can download and share.     If you’d like to hear how you can unlock the potential of your employees with Sayge’s coaching […]

How to Cultivate Self-Awareness in the People You Work With

I was recently invited to observe a corporate simulation at a university in New York. First-year MBA students were each assigned an executive role within a fictional company. The goal of the simulation was to increase the company’s stock price. I quickly recognized two distinct personalities in one group: a more reserved member who was […]

Dealing With Difficult Personalities in the Workplace

By Sayge Coach Rachel Garrett You know those days when you’re firing on all cylinders. You’ve had three brilliant ideas before 9:30 am and you’ve executed on all of them. You’re in the middle of patting yourself on the back when Bob walks over to your desk. Heart racing, palms sweating, expletives lining up in your […]

6 Strategies For Getting Your Work Done at Work

Author: Sayge Coach, Rachel Garrett You’re exhausted. You’ve been in back-to-back meetings all day and you finally return to your desk only to get that stomach pang. It’s 5:30 and you’ve done nothing on your to do list. How did this happen? Whether you want to be spending more time with friends, at the gym, […]